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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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BigBoss's Lab

  • BigBoss has 887 creatures
  • Joined at 11:50 pm, 17/05/2020
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Your lab is a messy one, but after a long bit of work, it finally feels like home. Waking up in this place with barely any of your comrades nearby was a shock. But luckily for you, you managed to reach some of them again. You are primarily concerned with providing defenses and food for the rest of the outpost, training your creatures to the best of your ability for fighting, and breeding some for... well. You do have to eat, after all.

Creature: MrS5I MrS5I
Creature: MLQLc MLQLc
Creature: 2HLya 2HLya
Creature: zY971 zY971
Creature: W6f2d W6f2d
Creature: fXX63 fXX63
Creature: Pwily Pwily
Creature: K7qbX K7qbX
Creature: verUX verUX
Creature: vDDPc vDDPc
Creature: G2jJC G2jJC
Creature: Fa359 Fa359
Creature: vsw9q vsw9q
Creature: ip5Ho ip5Ho
Creature: tjwzO tjwzO
Creature: MWvBB MWvBB
Creature: mWyx7 mWyx7
Creature: IJp7S IJp7S
Creature: Eu1LM Eu1LM
Creature: gTAX2 gTAX2
Creature: dsnGe dsnGe
Creature: fUbOw fUbOw
Creature: dRBGf dRBGf
Creature: KW2D7 KW2D7
Creature: G1XrO G1XrO
Creature: EnTJV EnTJV
Creature: DPrFX DPrFX
Creature: CtEdK CtEdK
Creature: jSwih jSwih
Creature: de2bX de2bX
Creature: l7QpH l7QpH
Creature: PB9ls PB9ls
Creature: IdIrz IdIrz
Creature: GmdMh GmdMh
Creature: mVlAT mVlAT
Creature: 43Q3t 43Q3t
Creature: hdXho hdXho
Creature: YR2If YR2If
Creature: cKKyJ cKKyJ
Creature: Rpxku Rpxku
Creature: hl4wZ hl4wZ
Creature: PQaym PQaym
Creature: DpJNE DpJNE
Creature: AT7pN AT7pN
Creature: Hgwqr Hgwqr
Creature: VTNBp VTNBp
Creature: MPBxY MPBxY
Creature: RZBHf RZBHf