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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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BigBoss's Lab

  • BigBoss has 887 creatures
  • Joined at 11:50 pm, 17/05/2020
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Your lab is a messy one, but after a long bit of work, it finally feels like home. Waking up in this place with barely any of your comrades nearby was a shock. But luckily for you, you managed to reach some of them again. You are primarily concerned with providing defenses and food for the rest of the outpost, training your creatures to the best of your ability for fighting, and breeding some for... well. You do have to eat, after all.

Creature: gOB6C gOB6C
Creature: 9z6hs 9z6hs
Creature: 1eDKu Shuffle Rato
Creature: X5QEp X5QEp
Creature: rUHdP rUHdP
Creature: GgTmJ GgTmJ
Creature: wHy23 wHy23
Creature: gPxRo She With The Pale Face
Creature: szLWx Sizzle
Creature: M4SAv M4SAv
Creature: fRztp fRztp
Creature: A8xRe A8xRe
Creature: 6JQCZ 6JQCZ
Creature: KT8mk Queen
Creature: VdnRx VdnRx
Creature: d8uUB d8uUB
Creature: swcep swcep
Creature: g9WtB g9WtB
Creature: 55afb 55afb
Creature: 9yOEE 9yOEE
Creature: z2LuZ z2LuZ
Creature: lEXXl lEXXl
Creature: h9GcG h9GcG
Creature: w7jAg w7jAg
Creature: ot2Ju ot2Ju
Creature: tRPWL tRPWL
Creature: oKxpd oKxpd
Creature: g7Zht g7Zht
Creature: ScXNQ ScXNQ
Creature: fBwaV fBwaV
Creature: 5XZZb 5XZZb
Creature: en68z en68z
Creature: JYLqd JYLqd
Creature: NMLsx NMLsx
Creature: zXxx7 zXxx7
Creature: NKwsz NKwsz
Creature: EdlXj Eddie
Creature: 6a33c 6a33c
Creature: wh9hE wh9hE
Creature: sPouk sPouk
Creature: 5OkPM 5OkPM
Creature: RzaWd RzaWd
Creature: sNN3S SNES
Creature: IThDt IThDt
Creature: UmXlo UmXlo
Creature: Zn3gy Zn3gy
Creature: opwTE opwTE
Creature: LegDS LegDS