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The Final Outpost

Welcome to The Final Outpost!

The Final Outpost is an adoptable site where the goal is to discover and breed new variations of creatures. Discover new breeds through quests and hunting on the site.
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BigBoss's Lab

  • BigBoss has 887 creatures
  • Joined at 11:50 pm, 17/05/2020
Badge Winter Solstice 2020
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Your lab is a messy one, but after a long bit of work, it finally feels like home. Waking up in this place with barely any of your comrades nearby was a shock. But luckily for you, you managed to reach some of them again. You are primarily concerned with providing defenses and food for the rest of the outpost, training your creatures to the best of your ability for fighting, and breeding some for... well. You do have to eat, after all.

Creature: hvM84 Bronze
Creature: 2PTMs Aqua
Creature: 45Qlz Gilded
Creature: k97oh Briar
Creature: Q3cFB Mossy
Creature: 9onbA Sombra
Creature: 1pApQ 1pApQ
Creature: 4vVar 4vVar
Creature: ew3rJ ew3rJ
Creature: QNou6 Ember
Creature: Y3YKR Rose Gold
Creature: Huur7 Huur7
Creature: WR9qG WR9qG
Creature: cDUZf cDUZf
Creature: SNFEb SNFEb
Creature: k1ak9 k1ak9
Creature: BUUBo BUUBo
Creature: 8BJbX 8BJbX
Creature: d4umf d4umf
Creature: lI8dr Later
Creature: igPrT Igneous
Creature: w647I w647I
Creature: 7mGmz 7mGmz
Creature: RnjYu Ryu
Creature: 7TBwM Coral
Creature: klkW8 klkW8
Creature: jUAMX jUAMX
Creature: LqdjQ LqdjQ
Creature: Tb1Vw Tb1Vw
Creature: KsaUG KsaUG
Creature: jtvXT 2G female
Creature: RjzY9 RjzY9
Creature: 2JBuf 2JBuf
Creature: oSmKk oSmKk
Creature: qoR9B qoR9B
Creature: vvZqV vvZqV
Creature: UPoiw UPoiw
Creature: 6hxD4 6hxD4
Creature: nrEui nrEui
Creature: ddJWD ddJWD
Creature: v4pqe v4pqe
Creature: lT5qa lT5qa
Creature: LYrMh LYrMh
Creature: SRyQm Mossy Cobble
Creature: KICHs Gulf Fire
Creature: kdAQV kdAQV
Creature: Q83D5 Q83D5
Creature: 7Hoxi Poisoned Gold
Creature: Kz78G Rusted Sea
Creature: TqYEA TqYEA